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Advocate Training
Within each of our communities, there are advocates working every day in an effort to influence public policy and make a difference.  Social justice for people with disabilities is the primary goal, with efforts aimed at institutional, political and economic social systems.  With the large variety of methods, tools and activities available, advocacy training needs can be widely varied.

Program Development Associates advocate training store specializes in disability advocacy training.  Whether you are working on your own or with a group, there is a good chance PDA has the advocacy training materials you need to reach your goals.  Our advocacy training courses and DVD’s are quality productions featuring leading disability advocates training designed for people with disabilities and their advocates.  The resources talk about advocacy and what it is, how to be an advocate and perhaps more importantly how to be a self-advocate.  Special Education and child advocate training are also important and cannot be overlooked; therefore we have materials specifically for teachers and for parents who want to learn how to advocate for their child to assure they are getting the best possible education.

It is crucial, whether the cause is moral, ethical or faith driven, that everyone, without exception, understand the importance of freedom of choice and self respect and it is the reason why our advocacy skills training resources are very popular at's advocate store.

From ancient times to telethons to today's burgeoning disability movement, this traces the often-over-looked history of people with disabilities.

Take a fun, yet very educational, journey with Nancy Shugart as she defines the three keys that every successful person with a disability has learned to master.

Based on a workshop offered by Peter Leidy and is designed as a discussion starter for providing or coordinating direct support.

Use this new training program in any business or organization to teach staff how to interact and relate to people with disabilities.

Encourage and motivate staff and people with disabilities to participate and succeed in community activities with "couch potato" Clyde.

Three minutes of training that can improve the way your organization provides services.

Dr. Pomeranz decisively dispels the myth "they are children in adult bodies".

Dr. Pomeranz focuses on the fundamental strategies of promoting independence and self-determination.

This presentation is focused to provide "best practice approaches" which will assist in supporting others in diminishing the causes of anger.

Founded in the maxim "an institution is not a place; it is a state of mind". Tom explains that individuals who have few valued relationships and few things of value are living an "institutional life".

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