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It was not long ago that for many people with a disability, college was out of reach.  Today, for a student with a physical or learning disability, higher education is an achievable goal.  For a student with a disability, colleges are now able to accommodate many of their needs.   Colleges in the U.S. now have Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Coordinators or Disability Services Offices to help students get the most out of their collegiate experience. 

For students who may need assistance with a learning disability, colleges can provide supports for various accommodations such as help with taking tests.  Another area that has had tremendous improvement in recent years is accessibility.  Students with physical disabilities or limited mobility now have access to more buildings, living spaces and common areas than they did only a few years ago.  This alone has made college a reality for many.

Another major factor in making college accessible is more funds available to pay for it. Common forms of financial aid including grants, loans, work-study programs and scholarships are continue to be available to students with disabilities.  After long being left out, the talents of students with disabilities, with the academic credentials, is being recognized and many organizations and associations are now making scholarships available to these students.  Many institutions of higher learning now also offer students with disability college grants in recognition of their ability to overcome challenges. 

Additional federal money may also be available.  Social Security Income (SSI) and Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS) funds may be available for college if a student meets the SSI definition of disability and other income and asset eligibility requirements.  Many students find that they do not require all of these resources and will use a combination of these financial aid resources.

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